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Is your hair starting to feel dull and lifeless? Chances are that you are beginning to get split ends. Split ends takes the shine out of your hair and split ends affects your hair growth.

What are split ends? Strands of your hair begins to develop splits end when the hair cuticle, the out protective layer, gets damage and begins to wear off. This leads to the delicate inner layer of your hair to get exposed and weakened or dehydrated, which in turn causes split ends. There are many reasons that could contribute to your split ends. The environment that you subject your hair to every time you step out of the house and how you treat your hair.

Detangling your hair aggressively, Detangling your hair when it's wet, Sun Damage, Heat Styling tools , not trimming your hair regularly, not conditioning regularly , Washing your hair on the daily, chemical treatments, styling products, using cheap quality synthetic brushes, combs and other hair tools and products, and unhealthy diet.

Why do you need to trim split ends?

Besides looking damage, dull and lifeless, there are many reasons why letting your split ends persist and leaving them untreated is a bad idea.

Split Ends does just go away on their own, conditioning doesn't put your split ends back together. The longer you wait trimming them the more each ends splits. This seriously hinders your hair growth.

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